Video Spotlight: Chengtao Yi (B.I.D. ’15) Designs Legends 2014 Award


For the last several years, Pratt’s Department of Industrial Design has worked with the Office of Institutional Advancement on the Legends award design project. This year my professor Karen Stone chose me to design the Pratt Legend Award. The original concept is inspired by rocks that got shaped by wind, rain, and time representing the dramatic interaction between time and reality. And the idea is to show motion by the contrast between different material. 

The glass parts were crafted by glass designer Edison Zapata. We experimented  several methods to achieve the depth and sophisticated organic looks for the glass. After tons of failure, one method was developed by pouring layers of molten glass on top of each other and shape them very quickly with knife. The result is a very organic and sophisticated form with transparency. 

We made more than twenty models for the later part of the process. After the glass grinding we only have ten pieces left after the inspection. 


The metal parts were prototyped by Pratt Metal Shop. Constructed and wielded with cold-rolled sheet metal. More weight was wielded at the bottom to increase stability of the trophy. These metal blocks were engraved with honorees' names with a diamond bit after a blackening process.