Paralo VR is a kickstarter campaign I did with my friends when I was in my senior year at Pratt Instittute. PLAY is planned to be our first product. Although the campaign did not reach its goal. The design process of this product was a pleasant experience as well as an important lesson to me. 

Most other VR devices  in the market were  either incredibly expensive, cumbersome, or so flimsy that they break after a few uses.The headset was made from silicone that is tough but also flexible. It is durable and meanwhile comfortable against the skin. So it is very friendly for kids to use, as they tend to be more 'violent' with the objects in their hands. 


Comfort and adaptability are priorities. Prototypes were all 3D-printed to explore the perfect shape to accommodate different kinds of phones. All the curves are also tailored to fit people's faces. 


Although it is stated here that the whole body is one piece. We eventually did not make it happen due to the lack of experience in manufacturing methods. 

After we got our first prototype that we were all satisfied with. We set a booth at Union Sq and carried out a demo event. People were very happy about it and gave lots of helpful feedbacks.